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AquaMin Total is easily diuretic and is for you who are bothered by a lot of water in the body or are going to lose weight. AquaMin Total is therefore great as a cleansing treatment and against swelling caused by, for example, the summer heat and against swelling under the eyes, fingers and feet.

Against cellulite (orange peel) problems
Against swelling under the eyes, fingers and feet
Weight loss, when excreting excess fluid
Cleansing, when excreting salt (sodium) and slag substances
Against swelling in PMS premenstrual disorders

AquaMin Total is composed of potassium, magnesium, horseradish, nettle and birch leaves to get maximum effect, as these minerals and herbs are the most effective and best known for these problems. AquaMin Total contains only natural active ingredients and has no known side effects. AquaMin Total does not dehydrate the body of water or potassium.

Potassium, magnesium, birch leaf extract, horseradish extract, nettle extract.

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